When any startup is looking to expand, hiring new employees is one of the most important and crucial aspects of laying a solid business foundation. It’s vital to the growth of your company, and it comes with a lot of factors to consider: cost, quality, positions, HR policies, salaries, benefits, on and on.

Lately, remote work has become a burgeoning method of hiring new employees. While it’s not entirely new – after all, for most of humanity, nobody went to the office – it’s very new in a modern sense. Only recently was technology and internet speed fast enough to support live, instantaneous communication, and it is taking the business world a few years to catch up with the tech side of things.

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Working remotely can create communication challenges between remote employees and the rest of the team. Here are some video conferencing tools that work well for work scenarios.


One of the easiest to use video conferencing tools that we’ve found is Zoom. Able to support dozens of participants, with high visual quality, Zoom also proves stable and easy to use. It’s great for screen sharing and works on many devices.

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