Hiring A Remote Employee From Moldova

Posted by | April 21, 2019 | Hiring, Remote Work

When any startup is looking to expand, hiring new employees is one of the most important and crucial aspects of laying a solid business foundation. It’s vital to the growth of your company, and it comes with a lot of factors to consider: cost, quality, positions, HR policies, salaries, benefits, on and on.

Lately, remote work has become a burgeoning method of hiring new employees. While it’s not entirely new – after all, for most of humanity, nobody went to the office – it’s very new in a modern sense. Only recently was technology and internet speed fast enough to support live, instantaneous communication, and it is taking the business world a few years to catch up with the tech side of things.

There are a few reasons to consider hiring remotely, and a few specific reasons to consider hiring remote employees in the Republic of Moldova.

A little bit about Moldova. It’s a small, landlocked country in between Ukraine (to the north) and Romania (to the south). The country has only been independent since 1991. The country is bilingual, speaking both Russian and Romanian. Education is excellent, with the vast majority of Moldovans having a college education. English skill is extremely good, especially among the younger generation.

Technical expertise

Moldova shares many qualities with its neighbors Ukraine and Belarus in that technical skill is widespread. Especially for tech-focused careers like software development, IT support, marketing, Moldovans are well known for their development skills.

Fast internet

The country is home to extremely fast internet. Although infrastructure developed late in Moldova, connections are faster than average and affordable for everyone.

Good language skills

Education and literacy is extremely high in Moldova. The literacy rate as of 2012 was 99.14%, which means essentially every citizen can read and write. Most Moldovans are bilingual or trilingual, speaking both Russian and Romanian natively, and usually one or two other languages. This is excellent for businesses looking for positions that require work in the Eastern European market.

Low costs

The cost of living is extremely low in Moldova. In Europe, the wages are second lowest only to Ukraine. This low cost has encouraged many companies to expand into Moldova, being able to pay competitive wages while keeping startup costs low.

In general, Moldova offers a unique advantage to companies looking to see fast growth at low costs, with skilled workers perfect to complement a remote company.

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